Finder Droplets for Mac Editors

Shiny Droplet

Shiny droplets released into the wild! What are Shiny Droplets? Shiny Droplets are a bundle of small applications that integrate with the finder toolbar, providing a fast shortcut to your favourite text editor.

How do Shiny Droplets works? Just watch our 1 minute screencast!

Shiny Droplets screencast from Shinyfrog on Vimeo.


  • Files dropped onto a droplet will make each file open in its own editor window.
  • Selecting files and then clicking a droplet will open the files altogether in the same editor window (provided the editor supports that).
  • Finder integrations (look and feel and items selection)
  • Shiny Droplets are free and open source!


Your fave editor is not there? Would you prefer a different behaviour on drop — or perhaps you like the app just the way it is? Just drop a comment to let us know, so we can make Shiny Droplet even better!


Great applets. I would love to see Editra included.


Please add TextWrangler if possible

Thanks for the feedback, we’re planning to make a second release with some more editors in a near future.


what about jEdit

and what about Eclipse/Aptana?

Ah yes, and you shoud probably support Mac OS X’s own Texteditor — TextEdit. For some people it does the job.

At least my opinion. Great job btw!

Hi there

This is great work!

Do you have a “droplet” for launching Terminal like the App “>cd to..”


Nice job!!

Should be very nice to have an icon that contains all this droplets and shows them as a “drop down menu”, so you don’t have to use much horizontal space in your finder window to have all of them…


Hello Oscar, Your idea is great, unfortunately can’t be done with simple .app files, but with some more sophisticated tecnique (e.g. pathfinder)

Really great, thanks. One thing, perhaps you can add instructions in text with the download rather than have a video show how to install.

Thanks for your piece of advice Bobis, we add text instructions ASAP.

Nice, but…

The icons aren’t a high enough resolution to look good — they appear blurred.

Also, I have my Finder window set to use ‘small icons’ — they resize to be smaller than the rest of the buttons (I’m not sure who or what is at ‘fault’ here though).

Functionally sound; aesthetics need improvement.


@TIM The icons aren’t a high enough resolution to look good — they appear blurred.

The icons appear blurred only in the finder view, for the real use (put them in finder toolbar) the resolution is correct :)

Also, I have my Finder window set to use ‘small icons’ — they resize to be smaller than the rest of the buttons

That’s true, but the icons are resized by the Finder, there is nothing to do about that…

Thanks for the feedback!




How about support for PC editors running on the MAC using Parallels or Fusion?

In addition to those already listed, how about adding Bean (for rich text format) and Komodo Edit (for text and source code).

Why not simply drag the App of interest to the Finder window Toolbar? An icon/Alias for the App will be created.

I wanted to create my own Shiny Droplet but for AppZapper. So i took the source and got it to compile but when i add it to the finder toolbar and drop an app over the droplet nothing happens. I think it has something to do with the .plist file inside the app bundle. Could you point me to the right direction please? (I will send you the source when finished…if needed)

Nevermind, got it working now. But i took a different approach.

Hi there! I’ve been loving ShinyDroplets every day for a year now. They work great, and I couldn’t ask for more. Well, actually, I could: Have you thought you updating for Espresso from MacRabbit? I have no problem building the droplets myself… but I’m a horrible icon maker. :-(

These are pretty cool. The TextMate droplet is invaluable but I’d really love to see one for Photoshop and InDesign. I’m constantly opening up files in these two ups and many designers probably have the same need.

Any chance of adding those two?

Great work!

I would love to see Smultron droplet! Thanks again!

A droplet for Espresso would be awesome!

@Montana: There is a Smultron droplet.

Neat idea.

It may be very convenient if it let you create a new document by clicking the icon.

nice stuff, thank you! would love to see a droplet for CSSEdit. :)

Very very nice! Thanks for the share :)




Please add one for TextEdit!! :D

Thank you

Its great to see a Espresso droplet but it would be great if it had the functionality to open multiple files in tabs.

The functionality is there with Espresso, just not bundled with these great droplets..

How do I remove/uninstall droplets from my Finder?