Shiny Droplets with a shot of Espresso!

Shiny Droplet

We are happy to announce a small update of Shiny droplets. By popular demand we added a new Droplet for MacRabbit Epresso editor. You can read the Instructions and Screencastdownload ShinyDroplets or just browse the source code.


Thanks for the update! This makes me happy today. :) MacVim, TextMate, and Espresso — now I have all three.

By the ravens of Odin, I cannot get it to show the Snow Leopard variants… !?

Is there any reason why this wouldn’t work on Snow Leopard?

If you get TextWrangler up in there, you’re my hero!

Little heads up — Smultron development has been taken over by somebody new (Smultron was seemingly abandoned a while back) and from here on out will be called Fraise… So a Fraise button may be handy for those who use Smultron and are trying to keep on the edge here!

They don’t seem to work on Snow Leopard Will this fix be added?

The current iteration of the Droplets should work with Snow Leopard, if you find a droplets that doesn’t work please send us an email :)

Hi there! Beautiful droplets for our viewing pleasure. thanx a lot. How about one for Sublime Text?

same here, I’d like to have one for Sublime Text 2 — it’ill save me a lot of time