Delibar and Yahoo accounts

Delibar has been released and it was awesome for the users who already had a Delicious account, but about a week ago the Delicious Yahoo team decided that new users should authenticate using only their Yahoo account.

After the release many asked for Yahoo accounts support; Delibar was not planned for that, but we thought: “no problem, we will add it in no time”, and we started coding it, but we hit a brick wall:

  • there isn’t a LINE of documentation on how to use the new Yahoo OAuth authentication with Delicious (well, in fact there are three lines in a comment on the Delicious blog, but they are quite useless)

  • Users needs to enable Delibar to get access to their bookmarks on Delicious, but when we tried to do that this was the result:

Yahoo is forcing us to use OAuth for users with Yahoo accounts, but they are  encouraging users to not authorize ANY application using OAuth… 

We wrote an email to the Delicious support, let’s see if there is something that can be done.

We will keep you updated via Twitter or on our blog.


Yes, I ran into this problem when I wanted to add a new account. Please keep us posted when this will be solved. one of the strong point of Delibar is the multi account option

:( and the stupidest thing ever is the fact that I deleted my old account which I have created years ago, because I wanted to clean my account. I simply deleted it and created new one, which is now yahoo’s … :( BAD i hope you solve this some how … :)

i’m following things on twitter …

OMG please fix it! I have been putting off Delicious for forever, but When I saw Delibar, it just made me drool and I had to jump on board. So is Yahoo buying Delicious gonna be good or bad in the long run?




I used to have a Delicious account and killed it as well because I didn’t really have a need for it at the time, but now I’m getting more and more bookmarks and I want to share the, with some friends so I wanted to install Delibar and get a new Delicious account. Then, this happens. Yahoo is the pit stain of the internet. Guess I’ll try to find another way since this doesn’t work. Sorry Yahoo/Delicious/Delibar..

Delibar was so pretty too… :(

Is there any way, we could get our hands on latest beta? :P

We plan to release the new version of Delibar this week, but unfurtunately some delicious API need some fixies that depends on Yahoo! staff.

The new version will come with a demo renew for those using Yahoo! IDs.

So please stay tuned!

Yahoo Account works fine for me now. Thanks a lot.

doesn’t work for. Delibar wants to be re-authorize the token from yahoo. When clicking on the button re-authorize, nothing happens (no browser). any ideas? tried re-installing, even creating a new yahoo account etc. nothing worked.

I’m having the same issue with Delibar. Might have to give pinboard a try since this issue looks like it hasn’t been resolved for over 6 months.

Big thanks to Shiny Frog support, issue is now solved. Seems safari was the culprit. For anyone who has this issue, just open the authentication link in firefox and it works fine :)

How can I re-authorize my Yahoo/Delibar-account? I can’t find the authentication link …