Delibar 1.3, now with Pinboard flavor!

Delibar Icon

A new fantastic taste has been added to our most Delicious application! Starting from now, Delibar 1.3 will support accounts. So welcome to all Pinboard mac users ;)

This version will add lots of features that were requested by our lovely users, so read carefully the release notes and enjoy this new release.

We are trying to develop the best Delicious/Pinboard client, but without our users support that’s not going to happen, so if you have hints, suggestions or features request don’t be shy and get in touch!

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thxs for this. pinboard is realy nice.

i run in little problems with delibar. delibar shows me 33 friends on pinboard, but i does not have friends there

Hi Misu,

Are you sure you have no one on your pinboard network? If not, can you give me your account name ?

thx for fixing the problem with delibar bookmarklet and chrome! But I’m using chromium and the bookmark still doesn’t work :(

Great to see Pinboard compatibility. Is it possible to see unread items from Pinboard in Delibar? This would help with the Instapaper-Pinboard-Delibar chain. (Direct Instapaper integration might be worth a look in the future? I don’t know what their API allows.)

Quicklook from the search list would be great. I find the list view a little cramped; truncated titles, especially in the Network view, can make things a bit impenetrable. You can pop out the info view for another look, but the ability to resize the main window would also help. Line-wrapping for urls and titles in the info window would be nice.

One thing … I like the menubar icon in isolation, but together with the other icons up there, it looks a little out of place. Maybe I’ll get used to it, and if not I can change it myself, but the option of something more conventional might not be a bad idea. People can get very wound up about menubar icons …

This has turned into a longer post than I intended. I hope it doesn’t sound too critical: I’d only bother to write this much about an app that was already great!

Hi Samu,

We plan to add read/unread support in next releases and also something like a tooltip for bookmarks.

The Quicklook idea is also good.

Decent Pinboard unread support will make this a must-have app for me. I’d love an easy way to manage my “linkqueue” thus.