Delibar on the iPhone

Delibar iPhone

You asked for it and we are proud to announce that Delibar for iPhone is nearly ready!

What can you expect from it? Well it’s still Delibar, but shrieked to fit the iPhone (and it was lot of pressing and pulling) so you will have:

  • Delicious and Pinboard supports.
  • Full access and search to your bookmarks.
  • You can edit or add new bookmarks.
  • Friends Network.
  • Saved searches.
  • Navigable tags list!
  • Cookies! (well not really)

So when you will be able to get it? Really soon, keep an eye on twitter or this blog to have more informations.

Interested in testing Delibar for iPhone NOW? Send us an email and we will see ;)


What about the Inbox?

This, I need the most with my network.

And what about iPad? AFAIK there’s no deli app so far.

And yes, I am interested :]


Unfortunately Delicious doesn’t provide any API for the Inbox.

When they’ll add API support for inbox Delibar will add it too ;)


iPad version is currently secretly developed (OPS!)

Awesome. Could not be more excited :]

It’s a bummer, that the delibar bookmarklet still does’nt work on chromium. On Chrome it works fine, but I use chromium because it’s the real open source thing. I am not the only person who uses chromium, so it would be extremely nice if delibar would support this browser in the future…

will it support yahoo login???


Yes It will.