Safari Extension for Delibar

Delibar is deeply integrated with most of the Mac browsers, but Safari is still the leader on the Mac browsers market, so we are really happy to release a Safari Extension for Delibar.

The extension will add a button to Safari that will trigger the Delibar new bookmark window when clicked:

Delibar Safari Button

Download the extension and play with it, it’s really straightforward.


Great extension, thanks! But for chrome? Is there a Chrome extension for your amazing Delibar App?

There is an unofficial extension for Chrome -> Delibar Chrome extension

That’s nice guy, really nice. Well done

just what we needed! thanks! :)

if I 2click to the extension, it downloads the extension again… what am I doing wrong?

thank you very much! love it!

Awesome work guys! You made my day — well not you guys alone, but together with the release of iOS4 ;)

Facu Puig, do you have the nightly webkit builds installed? I get the same behavior as you but when I “open with” the extension with webite it installs. Oddly enough it looks like there is an update but the update button doesn’t work.

@ Mike… I never installed the Webkit, I just got Safari 5, with Glims 1.25b Not sure what is going on.

Would love a version that “quick add”s bookmarks! (so just like the “quick add” bookmarklet).

The file “Delibar Button.safariextz” gets downloaded to my downloads folder. Double clicking it is to no avail, it downloads itself once again! Ugh!

Safari 5 Mac OS X 10.6.4 Extensions enabled in the menu

Any hints??

PS: It seems I cannot install any Safari extensions, actually… :-(

For me the button by the extension doesn’t seem to pass the selected text of the web page on to delibar (which the bookmarklet conveniently does).

Nice idea, though, as it makes the button stand out more than a mere bookmarklet link.

Thanks, this extension is a great idea.

As SSP said, please automatically fill the Notes field with the current selection as the bookmarklet does, that’s very handy.

Neat! 1 bug, though: Safari keeps showing there’s an update available but it’s the same v. 1.0 that’s already installed.

Great extension!


The extension is no longer working for me since upgrading to Lion. Any ideas why?

Hi Bryan,

We’ll release a patch as soon as possible.