1TapAlarm is on the App Store

Our free application for iPhone 1TapAlarm has finally made its way to the App Store!

1TapAlarm was developed as a side project here at Shiny Frog, we has so much fun developing and using it that we toughs that would be a shame to keep this for ourselves! So you can grab a free copy of it on the App Store.

Check the 1TapAlarm wonderful website or grab it on the App Store!

We even have a press kit with informations and screenshots for your blog -> PRESS KIT

1TapAlarm is the fastest and simplest way to setup a reminder notification for an upcoming event on your iPhone.

Here some highlight of 1TapAlarm:

  • Setup alarms with just 1 tap.
  • Notifications even if the app is closed.
  • Choice of notification’s sounds.
  • Elegant clock-like landscape mode.


Definitely an amazing App. I have used it and so far its helping me out.