Delibar for iPhone is on the App Store

Our Delicious/Pinboard client Delibar has just landed on the App Store!

Delibar is a full featured Delicious and Pinboard iPhone client, and will use those services for synchronizing your bookmarks on the cloud. Delibar syncs one or more Delicious/Pinboard accounts and let you find, add, edit and modify your bookmarks directly from your iPhone, all your bookmarks are just a tap away.

Check the Delibar website or grab it on the App Store!

Here some highlight of Delibar for iPhone:

  • global search across all your bookmarks.
  • Ability to add, edit, delete bookmark directly from the application.
  • Multi account support.
  • Navigate bookmarks by tags.
  • Save searches for a later quick access.
  • Browse your friend bookmarks.
  • Instapaper and Mobilizer integration.
  • Safari mobile integration via bookmarklet.


Well done boys!

The first app I’ll download when someone will buy me an iPhone ;)

The app looks amazing, but unfortunately it is not working on my iPhone 3G (iOS 4.1). I have tried rebooting my iPhone but it is still not working.

Maybe an known issue with old devices like mine?

The old website says that iPhone 3G is supported :-(

If the app does not work on iPhone 3G, it should be validated before it being installed on device (just like VLC does). iTunes does not allow you to install VLC on a 3G device.

Hi Octavio,

unfortunately Delibar doesn’t run on devices older than the 3GS (as stated on the App Store page).

I can offer you a refund if you have a Paypal account, or a free license of the desktop version if you are on a Mac.


Thanks Matteo but I already have Delibar for Mac. I’m a huge fan of it!!

You don’t need to worry about the refund. I would buy it anyway after buying an iPhone 4. I didn’t test yet, but probably it works on iPad, running on 2x mode.




So I have finally bought my iPhone 4 and must say it, Delibar for iPhone is amazing! I’m totally addicted to it and I miss it on my iPad!

Do you have any plans on releasing Delibar for iPad?

I have just bought Delibar for iPhone and I love the interface. However, I can’t delete a bookmark. I don’t have a Delete Bookmark button like you can see in the demonstration video.

Also, how do you add the bookmarklet to Mobile Safari. I can’t find any answers on the blog.


I have worked out how to add the bookmarklet to Mobile Safari and it works great!

However, after rebooting my phone I still don’t have a Delete Bookmark button. I’m using an iPhone 3GS running iOS v4.3.3


@paul can you share how you got a safari bookmarklet working?

Hi Ian,

open this link with your iphone and go to advanced (gears)