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what’s new in Pixa 0.6

The newest release of Pixa Beta brings some really cool interface customizations, new features and bug fixes.

  • File Templates! You can now easily create new files directly from Pixa improving your design workflows. By default Pixa comes with templates for iPhone, iPad, iOS icon, 960 grid and Less grid but you can create your own templates ( File -> Save as Template ). Newly created files can be edited with the default editor ( ⌘ ⏎ ) or any installed editor ( File [or right click] -> Open With ).
  • A shiny new dark theme is now available!
  • Quick export will auto-calculate width/height if one of them is missing.
  • New preferences for auto tagging allows you to customize the size tags.
  • Tags can now be grouped using folders.
  • Sidebar labels can now be folded.
  • File names in the image browser can be hidden from preferences.

And last but not least, we’re proud to announce that Pixa will be available in 5 languages: English, French, German, Japanese and Chinese.

You can download Pixa Here, and express yourself on our support form.

Some new exciting features of Pixa

We’re really proud to announce the exciting new features featured in the latest beta of Pixa.

  • Lion native Fullscreen support
  • Support for open meta tags
  • Is now possible to rename multiple images in one shot
  • Pixa remember the projects you’re working on between re-launch
  • Added cloud support with CloudApp and Dropbox
  • It’s now possible to group images by extension, color and size
  • Copy, Cut, Paste are now available
  • Moving images between projects while pressing ⌘ will move instead of copy
  • IPTC tags will be imported as Pixa tags

The majority of these features and bugfixies comes from kindly people who have tested the Pixa beta, so… thanks, thanks and thanks.
Feel free to express your opinion about Pixa on our support form.

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