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Finder Droplets for Mac Editors

Shiny Droplet

Shiny droplets released into the wild! What are Shiny Droplets? Shiny Droplets are a bundle of small applications that integrate with the finder toolbar, providing a fast shortcut to your favourite text editor.

How do Shiny Droplets works? Just watch our 1 minute screencast!

Shiny Droplets screencast from Shinyfrog on Vimeo.


  • Files dropped onto a droplet will make each file open in its own editor window.
  • Selecting files and then clicking a droplet will open the files altogether in the same editor window (provided the editor supports that).
  • Finder integrations (look and feel and items selection)
  • Shiny Droplets are free and open source!


Your fave editor is not there? Would you prefer a different behaviour on drop — or perhaps you like the app just the way it is? Just drop a comment to let us know, so we can make Shiny Droplet even better!

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