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Announcing Img2icns 1.0

We are proud to announce that Img2icns 1.0 is here!

Img2icns icon

Img2icns is a simple, quick application to convert images to icons or icons to images, keeping them orderly filed and ready to use. Creating an icon is just as easy as drag’n’dropping one or more images on to Img2icns and choosing an export format — the same goes for creating images from icons. We are currently offering a free lite version and a 12,90$ pro version.

Here some Img2icns 1.0 highlights:

  • Convert all Mac OS X-supported image formats, including Illustrator and Photoshop files.
  • Export icons as .icns files, Finder folders, iPhone icons, or Favicon web icons.
  • Attach icons to any file by a simple drag’n’drop.
  • Extract and export icons into images from any file.
  • Keep all icons ready at hand in the History.

Img2icns can run on any Mac with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard or higher. You can grab a copy of Img2icns here ->

We won @ GDD 2008 Italy!

Victory! With our skills in Django, we won the first prize for the best web application developed in the 2 hours codelab at the Google Developer Day 2008 Italy the past 21 octobre in Milan!

Our App Engine Application was a tool for creating youTube Playlists.

GDD 2008 GDD 2008

Our prizes were two intresting gadgets: A USB Hub Car, and the original Chrome comic!.

Google Gadget Google Gadget

Glory glory to the Hypno Toad (Shiny Frog)!

Create icons quickly with Preview and Img2icns

Pro blogger MacMembrane has written a really useful tutorial about how to use Mac OS X Preview and Img2icns to quickly make your own icons.
We suggest the droplet function as the easiest and quickest method for applying an icon to a file. Select droplet as output format, drop an image in the box and after drop a file or a folder you want to customize in the same box.

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