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Shiny Droplets with a shot of Espresso!

Shiny Droplet

We are happy to announce a small update of Shiny droplets. By popular demand we added a new Droplet for MacRabbit Epresso editor. You can read the Instructions and Screencastdownload ShinyDroplets or just browse the source code.

Helpify, the Omnigroup way to create Mac Helps

Rejoice Mac developer comunity, the Omnigroup has released a little python script that will make writing help files an easy task!

At Shiny Frog we love both python and Omnigroup apps, so we’re already using this script for writing our applications help files.

You can find the blog announce here: Helpify, the Omni Help Emitter.

Quick how to:

  • Download omnioutliner and the template file provided in the blog post.
  • Read and learn how to make the structure from the template file.
  • Modify/Rewrite the template with your help text.
  • Save and run the on your oo3 file, the script will convert in html format and create the helpindex for you.
  • Design your help style by hacking the css

Hurry up, donwload and start making some cool helps!

Finder Droplets for Mac Editors

Shiny Droplet

Shiny droplets released into the wild! What are Shiny Droplets? Shiny Droplets are a bundle of small applications that integrate with the finder toolbar, providing a fast shortcut to your favourite text editor.

How do Shiny Droplets works? Just watch our 1 minute screencast!

Shiny Droplets screencast from Shinyfrog on Vimeo.


  • Files dropped onto a droplet will make each file open in its own editor window.
  • Selecting files and then clicking a droplet will open the files altogether in the same editor window (provided the editor supports that).
  • Finder integrations (look and feel and items selection)
  • Shiny Droplets are free and open source!


Your fave editor is not there? Would you prefer a different behaviour on drop — or perhaps you like the app just the way it is? Just drop a comment to let us know, so we can make Shiny Droplet even better!

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